“The Angel of the Lord appeared unto Mary…”

When we as Christians read of Christ in the gospels, most of us must merely imagine the world where Jesus and his apostles once lived and worked. For the places where Jesus spoke to the multitudes, where he ministered to all who would heed him, are far and away from our American backyards and highways. This distance made by a vast ocean and sea can sometimes distance our grasp on the stories we hold so dear to our faith.

“A Pilgrimage reminds us we have no fixed place on earth; We are on a journey to the heavenly city.”
-Hebrews 13:14 (Tertium Millennium, 51)

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With a legacy spanning back to 1995, we’ve been facilitating transformative pilgrimages to revered destinations across the globe, including the Holy Land, Europe, Canada, Mexico & Central America, and within the United States.

“A spiritually enriching and fascinating trip, expertly planned and led, seamless arrangements, wonderful people, lovely accommodations, delicious food, interesting venues. Highly recommend.”

Mary C.

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