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Dan Callahan, Director

Dan has been providing true Catholic pilgrimages since 1995. He and his wife Rita are active members of Holy Spirit parish in Annandale, VA and are the proud parents of 14 children and 9 grandchildren.

Catholic Pilgrimages to Holy Land, Europe, Canada, Mexico and within the U.S.A

JMJ Tours: Your Pilgrimage Partner Since 1995

Embark on a sacred journey with JMJ Tours, your trusted guide for Catholic pilgrimages. With a legacy spanning back to 1995, we’ve been facilitating transformative pilgrimages to revered destinations across the globe, including the Holy Land, Europe, Canada, Mexico & Central America, and within the United States.

Our heartfelt commitment extends to assisting priests, parishes, and faith-driven communities. We’ve had the privilege of accompanying and supporting clergy and groups from the Diocese of Arlington, VA, the Archdioceses of New York, Chicago, and Washington. Our ministry also extends to the Diocese of Arlington Youth Ministry, esteemed school groups like The Heights School, Oakcrest School, Holy Family, and faith-focused organizations like the Reston Study Center and Institute of Catholic Culture.

While we specialize in crafting faith filled pilgrimages to the Holy Land, Europe and Canada our repertoire offers a diverse range of options. You can choose from day-long spiritual excursions to Philadelphia, immersive overnight experiences in Catholic New York, extended weekends in pilgrimage to Québec, or delve into longer journeys of faith exploring the depths of faith in Rome, Poland, Ireland, France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Portugal, and other captivating European destinations.

A pilgrimage is a personal spiritual journey

At JMJ Tours, we understand that each pilgrimage is a deeply personal and spiritual journey. That’s why we customize every aspect to align with the unique needs and spiritual direction of our priest companions. From meticulous planning and effective promotional efforts to handling logistics such as flights, accommodations, ground transportation, nourishing meals, expert guides, arrangements for Holy Mass, event reservations, and all the intricacies that transform a pilgrimage into a profound success, we’ve got it covered.

Whether you seek to follow in the footsteps of Our Lord in the Holy Land, trace the legacy of St. Paul in Greece and Rome, honor the memory of St. Pope John Paul II in Poland and Rome, or explore the path of Junipero Serra and the Franciscans who founded the California Missions, we stand ready to curate your ideal pilgrimage experience. A dedicated JMJ staff member will lead the way, ensuring that every moment aligns seamlessly with your spiritual journey.

Tour companies took flight with faith

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Priests that have traveled with JMJ Tours

  • Rev. Brian G. Bashista (WYD 2005)
  • Rev. Elias (Matthew) Carr (Austria/Hungary & New York)
  • Rev. Nathan Caswell (Quebec, Canada)
  • Rev. Joseph J. Clark (Quebec, Canada)
  • Rev. Diego Daza (Holy Land)
  • Rev. John C. DeCelles (Quebec, Canada)
  • Rev. Francis M. DeRosa (Quebec, Canada)
  • Rev. Luke Dundon (Italy & Holy Land)

  • Rev. Frederick H. Edlefsen (Mexico City, Mexico)
  • Rev. Jerome W. Fasano (Quebec, Canada, New York & Mexico City)
  • Rev. Charles Gallagher (Italy)
  • Rev. Daniel N. Gee (Costa Rica)
  • Rev. James R. Gould (Rome, Italy, Philadelphia, Québec Canada)
  • Rev. Andrew J. Heintz (WYD 2005)

  • Rev. Edward C. Hathaway (Quebec, Canada and Spain and Lourdes)
  • Rev. Edward R. Horkan (Rome)
  • Rev. Robert Kilner (Quebec, Canada)
  • Rev. Dennis W. Kleinmann (Quebec, Canada, Mexico City, Philadelphia, Poland/Rome)
  • Rev. Bjorn C. Lundberg (WYD 2005)
  • Rev. John Melmer (Holy Land)
  • Rev. James G. Mercer (Rome, Philadelphia)

  • Rev. Peter Okola (Fatima, Spain, Lourdes, Poland, Italy)
  • Rev. John P. Peterson (WYD 2005)
  • Rev. Mark A. Pilon (Fatima and Spain)
  • Rev. Jerry J. Pokorsky (Quebec, Canada)
  • Rev. Christopher J. Pollard (Italy and Quebec, Canada)
  • Rev. Anthony Rice (Holy Land)
  • Rev. Robert J. Rippy (Ireland)
  • Rev. James Searby (Italy)
  • Rev. Scott Sina (Italy and Holy Land)

  • Rev. David M. Sharland (WYD 2005)
  • Rev. Charles C. Smith (WYD 2005)
  • Rev. Daniel S. Spychala (Ireland)
  • Rev. Michael G. Taylor (WYD 2002)
  • Rev. John A. Ziegler (Quebec, Canada)

Organizations that have been involved with JMJ Tours

  • Institute of Catholic Culture
  • Holy Spirit Women’s Council

  • The Heights School
  • The Diocese of Arlington
  • The Archdiocese of New York

  • The Archdiocese of Chicago
  • The Archdiocese of Washington, D.C.
  • The Catholic Daughters of America

  • Oakcrest School
  • St. John Paul the Great High School
  • Reston Study Center

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